Best Career Options after 12th With Arts 


We go behind the scene of his famous Soho restaurant, where Dan will show us what inspires him this season and how he plans his menu accordingly.

Fashion Designer

Fashion design is a creative and rewarding field for arts students with a flair for design and aesthetics. Designers can work for renowned brands, start their own fashion lines, or design costumes for movies and plays.

Interior Designer

Creative and functional spaces are created through interior design. Interior designers work with clients to design residential and commercial spaces.


Journalism and mass communication are vibrant fields for arts graduates with strong writing and communication skills.

Content Writing

Content writing jobs have gained prominence with the digital revolution. Content writers, copywriters, and bloggers can pursue careers in the arts with excellent writing skills.

Foreign Language

Art students interested in cross-cultural experiences and education often choose foreign languages as a career path.

Hotel Management

Bachelors of Hotel Management is one the best career option after the 12th. Bachelor of Hotel Management is a 3-4 years degree course that teaches the student about hospitality.