Viktor Bout Net Worth: The Death Merchant’s $50M Empire

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What is the Viktor Bout net worth?

Viktor Bout net worth is $50 million as he is a well-known worldwide armaments dealer. He is accused of using his multiple air transport companies throughout several decades, most notably the 1980s and 1990s, to transfer weapons worth billions of dollars from Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Africa after the fall of the Soviet Union.

“One of the world’s most successful and sophisticated arms traffickers.” – US prosecutors, characterizing Viktor.

He was detained in Thailand in 2008 on suspicion of being a terrorist. Also, found guilty in 2011 of plotting to assassinate US leaders and people in the US. Bout was subsequently given a 25-year prison term. Still Viktor bout net worth ended up turning to $50. Nicolas Cage played Viktor in the 2005 “Lord of War.” In a prisoner exchange for WNBA player Brittney Griner, on December 8, 2022, Viktor was returned to Russia.

Early Years

On January 13, 1967, in Dushanbe, in the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR, Viktor Bout was born. At such an early stage of life, he might have not thought that one day he would be known by his net worth saying “Viktor bout net worth of $50”. Not much else is known about his background or early years, and even his birthdate is uncertain.

Served in the Army

Following his graduation from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, Bout was a member of the Soviet Armed Forces. Along with Russian, he acquired fluency in Portuguese, Persian, Arabic, English, and French throughout his training. Bout’s polyglot status allowed him to act as a translator for the Soviet Army. After the USSR fell apart in 1991, he was supposedly let go. Later on, His net worth shook everyone as he was an ex-army person still he chose such a way.

Career Start-Up

After being released from the army, Bout held a variety of occupations, depending on the source. Air Cess, an air freight company he founded and ran out of Angola, is stated on his website. The US, France, and the UN were among the clients of the company. Bout shipped goods to Afghanistan’s pre-Taliban administration in 1994. Other accounts state that Bout also held positions as an officer in the Soviet Air Forces, a KGB agent, and a GRU major.

Trafficking in weaponry

Bout allegedly trafficked a wide variety of weapons from Bulgaria to Africa between 1996 and 1998, possibly to use them against UNITA in the Angolan Civil War. In the meantime, he was charged with providing arms to warlord Charles Taylor in Liberia. So, that he could fight in the nation’s first civil war. During the Yugoslav Wars, Bout was also charged with arms trafficking.

To conduct money laundering operations, Bout and his colleague Richard Chichakli founded an airline in Tajikistan in 2004. In addition to reportedly sending surface-to-air missiles to Kenya for use in an attack on an Israeli aircraft, he is also accused of supplying weapons to several factions in Africa around this time. Viktor bout net worth turned out to be so much because of using such a wrong path.

In addition to his other pursuits, Bout was said to have a significant economic presence in Libya. However since he was often moving, running several businesses, and frequently reregistering his planes, the police were never able to establish a solid case against him for smuggling weapons into Africa.

Take-Away and Extradition

Bout was found guilty in absentia in 2000 after being charged with document tampering in the Central African Republic; the accusations were later dismissed. On suspicion of money laundering, Belgian police served Bout with an Interpol red notice two years later. Nevertheless, Bout’s lack of a stable address and the inability to prosecute the case promptly led to its eventual dismissal. Bout’s US assets were placed under an Executive Order in the summer of 2004.

The Drug Enforcement Administration launched a sting operation against Bout at the beginning of 2008. Subsequently, the US issued an Interpol red alert, leading to his arrest in Bangkok, Thailand. A hearing for extradition was held in Bangkok later that year. The Bangkok Criminal Court found in Bout’s favor in August 2009, but the US overturned the ruling in an appeal the following year. Bout was consequently extradited to the United States in late 2010. In addition, the Russian government was outraged by this, claiming that the extradition was unlawful and driven by political motives.

The Conviction and Prosecution

The US Department of Justice accused Bout of three counts of conspiracy after his detention in Bangkok: conspiracy to transfer anti-aircraft missiles, conspiracy to supply resources to a foreign terrorist group, and conspiracy to harm US residents and officials. Early in 2010, more accusations were made against him. In the end, in November 2011, a federal court in Manhattan found Bout guilty. He received a 25-year prison sentence in April of the subsequent year. Still, Viktor bout net worth is been made to $50 this wasn’t been even expected by him.

Bout Exchange with Brittney

It was reported in July 2022 that Brittney Griner, a star player in the WNBA, was being jailed on drug possession charges. And, the Biden administration was offering Bout to Russia in return for her freedom. That swap was fulfilled on December 8, 2022.

Through the Media

Numerous media properties have included or influenced Bout. In 2005, the third chapter of Nick Kochan’s book “The Washing Machine” focused on him. The criminal movie “Lord of War,” which starred Nicolas Cage as a global armaments dealer, was inspired by Bout that same year. In addition, episodes of the documentaries “Damian Lewis: Spy Wars” and “Manhunt: Kill or Capture” as well as the 2014 film “The Notorious Mr. Bout” have featured interviews with Bout.


Q1. What is Viktor bout net worth?

A1. Viktor bout net worth was $50.

Q2. how many languages can Viktor bout can speak?

A2. he was a polyglot and therefore he can speak five languages.

Q3. Which movie is inspired on Viktor bout life?

A3. “The Notorious Mr. Bout” is based on his life.

Q4. what was the height of Viktor’s bout?

A4. he was having a height of 6 feet.

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